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The AJackson Advantage Dynamic HUD


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I’ve played on-line poker for nearly 10 years and for most of that time it has been my primary source of income. I’ve always been driven to be on the cutting edge utilizing the technical tools available to poker players. I’ve never been satisfied accepting conventional wisdom. I don’t like guessing. Poker is a game of incomplete information and those that can best fill in those information gaps will have a clear edge. AJackson Advantage will give you access to all of the tools I use.
When HM1 made it possible to filter databases I began breaking down the game to analyze my play and find my leaks. That evolved into doing the same for other players and eventually lead to the creation of Pokermetrics which is used by many mid and high stakes SHNL players to evaluate their play.
HUD stats are another great way to fill in those information gaps. In the early days, HUDs would tell us very basic information and quickly became a nearly universally used tool. Over the years HUDs have parsed information to a finer and finer degree which leads us to the AJA Dynamic HUD.
The AJA Dynamic HUD was constructed with three driving principles: Innovation, accuracy and in game efficiency. We want to minimize the amount of time spent mucking around in popups looking for information while keeping your on table HUD down to a manageable size. We want the HUD data to be as accurate as possible reflection of your opponent’s play verses you. Our end goal is to help you increase your win rate and hourly hand volume to maximize your hourly win rate. Having an efficient and accurate HUD is an integral part of achieving that goal.
My programming partner has a truly incredible knowledge of NoteCaddy. I was completely blown away when I saw what he could do. I felt like I was cave man rubbing sticks together while he’s lighting fires with telekinesis. Our collaboration was incredibly productive as you’ll soon see. When you purchase the AJA Dynamic HUD you’re buying the product of thousands of hours of work by two experts and what you see in this HUD is just the start. Building this HUD took us five months of dedicated work.
When you purchase AJackson Advantage products you can feel confident that you’re using cutting edge tools that will continue to be the industry leader with the next option being a distant second.